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All cell phones emit a form of radiation known as radiofrequency waves. While less harmful than ionized radiation (like gamma rays or x-rays), RF waves do have the potential of affecting adjacent tissue—in this case, the tissue in your brain and neck. As a result of recent studies on RF wave emissions, Berkeley, CA has asked phone manufacturers to provide consumers with warnings about the radiation that cell phones emit.

While the occurrence of brain tumors is fairly rare, rising usage of cell phones means that more people will be facing the harmful side effects of RF waves and smartphone radiation. If you are dealing with a brain tumor or cancer due to cell phone use, our attorneys know how to help you seek justice. With decades of experience in personal injury, the firm of Bailey Peavy Bailey Cowan Heckaman can handle your case with seasoned skill and an aggressive approach.

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Phone manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe for use. While researchers and developers have known for years about the RF waves given off by phones, consumers are only now learning about the effects of cell phone use. The World Health Organization labeled cell phone radiation as “potentially carcinogenic” as recently as 2011. At the law firm of BPB, we know how to relentlessly investigate your medical history and cell phone manufacturer. Once we have all the facts, we aggressively present your case in court. Our passion is serving clients with the best representation the nation has to offer.

When you are facing costly treatment and painful injuries, you may feel like your voice is not heard. At BPB, that is never the case. We ensure that you have direct access to our attorneys at all times. In addition, we fight to make your story heard in court, holding large companies liable for your costs and suffering.

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