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Employment law in the United States was created partly to protect workers from being abused by their employers. One protection that the law provides is through wrongful termination suits. While many employers retain at-will privilege for termination, firing a worker for certain, protected reasons is illegal and can be fought against in court. The employment claims lawyers at Bailey Peavy Bailey Cowan Heckaman (BPB) provide workers with aggressive and diligent representation that protects their rights and interests. We believe in the power of the law to hold any entity accountable, whether it is a local employer or the world’s largest corporations. Our firm has proven that we have the skill and experience to step in on your behalf and seek justice for your wrongful termination claim.

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When At-Will Termination Is Illegal

Regulations for firing employees are decided at both the federal and state level, so employers must abide by both. In addition, employers must abide by their own firing policies—if they do not, failing to meet their own standards is also cause for legal action. There may not be a single wrongful termination law, but local, state, and federal statutes tend to have the same legal principles behind wrongful dismissal laws.

  • If you were terminated for the following reasons, you may be entitled to justice and compensation:
    • Taking time off to serve on a jury
    • Serving in the military or National Guard
    • Whistleblowing and any other legally-protected action
    • Refusal to participate in or commit an illegal operation
    • Discrimination based on racial, ethnic, gender, age, or sexual orientation

In addition to these, there are other circumstances under which firing would be illegal. For example, terminating during family leave is cause for legal action. If you choose to work with BPB, we will work to explore every detail of your firing and build a case that demonstrates your employer’s illegal intent and violation of the law.

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