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Fighting for Victims of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Every person deserves to work in a physically, mentally, and emotionally safe environment. A major threat to safe environments is sexual harassment, a common cause behind hostile and unwelcoming workplaces. In fact, the creation of hostile circumstances at work is a chief marker of sexual harassment.

  • Examples of sexual harassment include:
    • Sexual joking or lewd comments
    • Comments about sexual orientation
    • Attempts or bribes for sexual favors
    • Unwarranted sexually-explicit questions
    • Any unwanted touching or physical contact
    • Repeatedly asking a person on dates or for sex

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The Definition of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is any type of unwelcome sexual advance, including asking for sexual favors in return for workplace benefits. Any verbal or physical conduct that is sexual in nature can quality, including sexual comments, questioning, or joking. In the workplace, sexual harassment is usually accompanied by an unfair or one-sided power dynamic with a superior, but this is not necessarily always the case.

  • Per the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there are three ways that actions of a sexual nature could be considered harassment:
    • If the action affects your employment
    • If the action disrupts your ability to do work
    • If the action creates an environment that is hostile or intimidating

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If you are facing sexual harassment at work, you deserve to have your voice heard in court. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides the legal definition of sexual harassment, allowing employees to have a way to legally protect themselves. Employers are responsible for creating safe and welcome environments for all of their employees. When your employer fails to protect your rights, let the law firm of BPB step in. Our employment claims attorneys combine diligence with compassion and aggressive representation to protect the rights of our clients. We can use your testimony to develop a strong case against your employer to fight for justice on your behalf. With over 150 years of combined litigation experience, we have the seasoned skill and effective practice that you need.

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