Family & Medical Leave Act Violations (FMLA)

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The FMLA guarantees eligible employees the ability to take unpaid leaves for family or medical reasons without fear of losing their job or standing with their employer. Employers must abide by the regulations and protections set forth by the FMLA.

Failure to do so is illegal and can be followed by legal action by an employment claims attorney. If you were mistreated or faced discrimination as a result of taking a legally-protected leave of absence under the FMLA, you have the right to hold your employer responsible. The firm of BPB has been practicing complex litigation for over 30 years, holding large companies and employers accountable for the harm they caused other people—including their workers.

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Employee Rights & Employer Obligations

Per the United States Department of Labor, any FMLA violation is a direct denial of the rights provided to employees under the law—even passive or unintentional violations. The coverage of the law is broad, including all private-sector companies who employ 50 workers or more for more than 20 weeks of the year.

  • Actions that are illegal for companies under the FMLA include:
    • Denying family or medical leave for eligible workers
    • Discouraging employees from exercising their leave
    • Denying the same or equivalent position to employee after leave
    • Using leave time as evidence of absenteeism in a disciplinary context
    • Leveraging leave time against an employee in promotion or hiring

When your employer is forcing your hand and denying your rights, your best course of action is to appeal to the law. Let the seasoned litigators at BPB help. We have decades of experience using diligence and skill to build effective cases for our clients.

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