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According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, workers who are non-exempt from overtime pay are entitled to overtime wages in multiple situations. When your employer has refused to provide you with overtime wages to which you are entitled, you have two options: pursue a claim through the Wage and Hour Division (the enforcement arm of the FHSA), or seek compensation through an employment claims lawyer. At BPB, we have 150+ years of combined experience. Our extensive trial experience makes us ideally suited to handling your overtime wage violation case. We can fight to prove that you worked in excess of your standard hours and that you deserve extra pay for your extra time. We are the skilled and aggressive advocates you have been looking for.

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How Do I Know if I’m Entitled to Overtime Pay?

The Fair Labor Standards Act lays out clear and absolute rules regarding overtime pay.

When you are unsure about whether you are entitled to overtime pay, let our seasoned employment litigators help answer your questions. Whether you are an office worker in a tech company or a machinist in a tool and die factory, overtime is available to most workers—but rarely claimed.

  • You are entitled to overtime pay if you have worked in excess of:
    • 8 hours in a day
    • 40 hours in a week
    • 6 days in a row

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