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Approved in 2010, Pradaxa was the first blood-thinner on the market to challenge Warfarin, which had been almost exclusively used since the 1950s. In only two years, the new anticoagulant had achieved nearly 4 million prescriptions. However, it also caused the deaths of 500+ patients and resulted in harm to thousands.

Just recently, Pradaxa paid $650 million to settle all outstanding lawsuits and litigation on account of Pradaxa use—but they refused to admit guilt or take responsibility.

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How Does Pradaxa Cause Fatal Injuries?

As an anticoagulant, Pradaxa helps patients with atrial fibrillation (or irregular heart rhythm) avoid a stroke by preventing the blood from clotting. However, as with any other blood thinner, the risk of reducing blood clots is internal bleeding. For Warfarin, the blood thinner of choice for decades, this risk was mitigated through an antidote containing Vitamin K—which facilitates clotting and is suppressed by Warfarin. However, Pradaxa works by suppressing an enzyme known as thrombin that allows blood to clot—this means the medication has no antidote. Once a patient begins hemorrhaging, they are much more likely to bleed to death or suffer long-term harm. Recent reports indicate that Pradaxa is one of the likeliest drugs on the market to cause major bleeding events and death.

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